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Master Your Macros with These Top-Rated Food Tracker Apps

Did you know that the calories on the food label doesn't always represent the calories your body is actually absorbing?

Now, before we get started, we want to be very clear that tracking calories based off the label is not bad.


You will still get results using a normal tracking app like MFP if you’re in a caloric deficit. 


TRIM is a Macro based program, not just a food tracker. If we were just having our clients count calories, we would have them in MFP. However, we are a macro based program, so we chose a more accurate way to improve our clients results.


You will notice that the TRIM tracker may show different calories than what are shown on some labels.


This is because In TRIM, we calculate macros first + fiber absorption.


Since we take into account fiber grams in our calorie calculation, this allows our clients to see a more accurate picture of the calories that they are taking in.


With this approach, you can take control of your nutrition tracking, and foster a healthier relationship with food.

Let's use a Grab the Gold Bar as our demonstration

This is how most food trackers will track a Grab the Gold Bar:


Numbers on the label

193 calories

11 grams protein

25 carbs

5 grams fat

7 grams of fiber


Most tracking apps will put in those exact numbers into the system.


How TRIM will track a Grab the Gold Bar:


The TRIM tracker calculates the calories based on the macros on the label + fiber.


This is how grams are calculated into calories


🍗Protein= 4kcal per gram

🍎Carbs and net carbs = 4kcal per gram

🥑Fats = 9kcal per gram

⚫️Fiber = 2kcal per gram


Calculating the calories for a Grab the Gold Bar, based on Macros & Fiber


11 grams protein (11 x 4= 44 calories)

18 Net Carbs (25 carbs - 7 grams of fiber) (18 x 4 = 72 calories)

5 grams fat (5x9 = 45 calories)

7 grams of fiber (2x7 = 14 calories)


Total Calories: 175


175 calories is what your body is actually absorbing.


Macro grams as stated on the label, will match exactly in our TRIM tracker, but the calories will show what the human body can absorb.


In our TRIM Tracker, you will see the following


175 calories

25 grams of carbs

11 grams protein

5 grams fat


The only difference you see is the total calories.

Foods that have high fiber will have the biggest difference in calorie numbers.


We know that seeing 175 calories vs 193 can be a shock to see at first.


If we were just an app, we would never go this route, because it would confuse a lot of customer if they didn’t know the process.


Luckily in TRIM, you are paired with a LIVE TRIM Trainer, who answers all questions you have and will educate you the whole 7 weeks.

This is why the TRIM tracker is the BEST food tracker for macros.

Want to learn more about TRIM? CLICK HERE

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