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Join our team!

We are looking for motivated individuals who know how to hustle and have the drive to start their own business, but aren't sure where to even begin.

Our model is designed for you to run your own TRIM Rounds as your own business.

You will be prepared to be a Trainer and Business Owner!

➡️ TRIM Trainer Certification Course

➡️ Business Accelerator Course + 1:1 Business Mentorship

Fill out the form below to learn more about our turn-key business in a box opportunity!  

Once the form is filled out, you will receive an email from the creator of TRIM to schedule an info call.

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Ambassador Program

If running your own business isn't what you are looking for, but you want to make supplemental income, our Ambassador program is perfect for you!

The Ambassador program is our social media role. New and returning clients are eligible. Your role will be to post about TRIM to your followers and make competitive commission on sign ups you bring in for new clients. 

Share your journey while making extra income!

This is an on-going job opportunity with TRIM. You will have a special sign-up link that will track all of your sign ups and progress. (Earn uncapped commission - $70/ sign up)

Ambassadors also get to do TRIM at a discount and assigned to their own trainer.  You can choose your trainer, or we can pair you with one! 

Want to partner with TRIM Boot Camp?

We partner with business who want to add benefits to their services, or customers.  Our Affiliate partnership help your business grow and make competitive commission from TRIM boot camp.

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